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East Riding Festival of Words 2020 unveils

its free Children’s Programme of events and activities

The East Riding Festival of Words is back for 2020 – with a varied programme of free online events, featuring a range of popular authors. The Festival features an exciting programme of events for children as well.

Free online events for children are:

Wednesday, 14 October: 10am – 11am and Saturday, 17 October:  2.30pm – 3.30pm : Puppets, Plays and Story Days – Stick Man

Join in an online puppet telling of Julia Donaldson’s ‘Stick Man’. Carol Burton brings the wonderful story of Stick Man to life with her interactive storytelling. Most suitable for ages 3 -7.

Saturday, 17 October 1pm -2pm : The Stupendous Stone Age with Saviour Pirotta

Join bestselling author Saviour Pirotta on a trip to the stupendous Stone Age as he celebrates his new book The Whispering Stones. Set in the Neolithic era, this adventure sees shaman-to-be Wolf and his best friend Crow trying to unravel the secrets of Stonehenge.  Find out how Saviour wrote the book, what makes him fascinated by this distant period of our history and have a go at plotting your own Stone Age story.  Most suitable for ages 6 – 11.

Sunday, 18 October 9.30am – 10.30am: Lets Go Wild! : Charlotte Milner

9.30AM - 10.30AM

What do you know about the secret world of Bats? Why do Bats hang upside down? What do they eat? Take an amazing online journey through the upside down world of bats with Author Charlotte Milner. There is a fun quiz, and you can make your own Bat Mobile. Find out how you can make your garden bat friendly. You will need to print off some templates to take part in the craft and quiz activities. Most Suitable for ages 3 – 7.

Sunday, 18 October : 11am – 12noon : Andy Seed – Interview With a Tiger

Imagine if you could talk to a tiger or chat with a cheetah. What would it be like to have a natter with a wolf or ask a polar bear a question? Award-winning author Andy Seed has done it for you!

In Andy’s new book, Interview with a Tiger (and Other Clawed Beasts Too) you can:

Find out what lions love (and hate)
Discover the best thing about being a giant anteater
Learn what honey badgers think of people.
Come and join in this fun online event with facts, jokes, puzzles and great pictures. You’ll have a chance to ask questions, do an animal quiz and have a really good giggle!

[The age range is 6-10, but it’s suitable for all ages]

Sunday, 18 October 1.30pm – 2.15pm : Zoolab – Endangered Animals Workshop

Find out why animals are in danger of becoming extinct with our live online workshop. Join Zoolab’s Ranger and animals as you explore why the Dodo and the Dinosaurs became extinct. How can we help prevent this from happening to other species? Join in and ask questions and learn how you can help conserve the world’s animals.

Sunday, 18 October:  2.45pm – 3.45pm : Andi Dawson - Ruff’s Guide to Endangered Animals

Ruff loves to live by the rules of reduce, reuse and recycle and he really cares about the planet we all share and does everything he can to protect it. Join Ruff as he finds out about the perils that endangered animals face around the world and what people are already doing to protect them and save them for future generations. Join Andi and Ruff in this fun interactive workshop.

Sunday, 18 October : 4.15pm-5.15pm:

Make A Bug Hotel with Ruth Finlayson

Why do we need bugs in our garden? Learn about good and bag bugs, where they live and why they are struggling to find homes, and how we can encourage more of them in our world. We will be making a hotel for bugs out of everyday materials foraged from your home and the outside world. Most suitable  for ages (supervised so adults can join in too):  3-12yrs.

Things you need to collect before the event:

Large container

E.g. Pringles tube, large plastic bottle, milk tetrapak

Twine or string

Scissors, glue, sticky tape


Paint and colouring pens (Optional)

Stickers (Optional)

One adult to help with the tricky stuff

 Make our hotel comfortable with anything you can find when out exploring, or in the garden. Check with an adult to make sure it’s safe to pick up, and doesn’t harm any wildlife.

Bamboo sticks

Paper straws

Empty toilet rolls




Sheeps wool

Dead leaves

Dead flowers

Dead stems and twigs

Pine cones

Saturday, 31 October: 3.30pm – 4.30pm : James Nicol – Wicked Witches

Author James Nicol brings us tales of wicked witches in this spooky Hallowe’en workshop. Find out about witches in history, listen to James read from his books and join in with the interactive quiz if you dare!

Saturday, 31 October : 5pm-6pm

Spookyrumpus Scary Halloween Tales

Dare to join us for our Spookyrumpus Scary Halloween tales from our very own sinister storytellers; 'Ghoulian' and 'Fangula'...

Close your curtains, dim the lights and forget the pjs - this Zoom event calls for your most frightful fancy dress!

Most suitable for ages 3 – 7.

Councillor Shaun Horton, portfolio holder for coastal regeneration and tourism, including culture and leisure, said: “This is a fantastic programme for children, and I am particularly pleased with its emphasis on environmental issues.

“There is something for everybody here, and I’m sure that lots of families will want to get involved in these free online events.”

All the events will be will be held online on zoom and are free, but must be booked in advance at  www.festivalofwords.co.uk.

Visit the website for details of the adult programme of author events for East Riding Festival of Words including former MP Peter Hain and former 'Stig' from BBC Top Gear Ben Collins, plus popular crime writers LJ Ross, A.A Dhand and Marnie Riches, to name just a few.

Follow the Festival of Words of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @erwordfest


New rules on face coverings coming in on Monday will help keep passengers safe

From Monday 15 June everyone must wear a face covering when travelling by public transport in England
Under the new rules, operators will be able to prevent passengers who refuse to follow the rules from travelling and police will be able to issue fines of £100
Over 3,000 extra staff will be deployed from Monday to support the travelling public, reminding people about the need to wear face coverings and helping vulnerable passengers
New rules requiring passengers to wear a face covering on their journey will come into force on public transport across England from Monday, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed today (Friday 12 June).

The advice is clear that people should continue to avoid taking public transport where possible, but by mandating the use of face coverings Government is asking passengers to play their part in helping to protect each other as the numbers of people travelling gradually start to rise across the country, following the careful easing of restrictions when it’s safe to do so.

Over 3,000 extra staff from British Transport Police, Network Rail, Train Operating Companies and Transport for London will be deployed from Monday at key transport hubs and interchanges across England – providing dedicated reassurance, advice and friendly assistance to people as they follow social distancing guidance.

They will also support existing staff by helping to manage congestion.

Alongside this, hundreds of thousands of face coverings will be handed out for passenger use at many locations across the rail network in England from Monday. The one-off initiative, which will run for several days at a number of stations, will see coverings provided free of charge to support passengers and help them travel safely.

Under the changes, operators will be able to stop passengers who refuse to follow the rules from travelling and direct them to leave services. The police and Transport for London authorised personnel will also be able to issue fixed penalty notices of £100, or £50 if paid in 14 days. Exemptions for the use of face coverings will apply to those with certain health conditions, disabled people and children under the age of 11.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

“We’ve seen how the COVID-19 pandemic has unlocked a community spirit right across our nation, and we now need to extend this to our transport network so we can help keep one another safe.

“If you do need to travel, in the same way that you would pick up your phone, wallet or keys when you leave the house, please remember to bring a face covering.

“Our fantastic transport staff will be on hand to provide help and advice, and free coverings will be given out at key train stations to help kick-start this initiative. This is another small, sensible step we can all take to help us defeat this virus.”

The Regulations, which will be made under the Public Health Act 1984 and come into force on Monday, will make face coverings mandatory on buses, coaches, trams, ferries, aircraft and trains. In addition, some operators will amend their conditions of carriage, allowing them to enforce the requirement in a similar way to the rules on having a ticket for travel, meaning they can implement the changes in the way that works best for them.

The change from Monday will coincide with the easing of certain lockdown measures, including the reopening of non-essential retail stores. While social distancing and hand washing remain by far the most important disease prevention measures, when necessary to use public transport, people may be more likely to be in enclosed spaces for longer periods of time where we know there is a greater risk of the spread of the virus and social distancing is likely to be difficult to follow consistently.

The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) has set out that using face coverings as a precautionary measure in this setting can provide some additional protection to fellow passengers and can help people to avoid unknowingly spreading the virus if they have it, but are not showing symptoms.

The Government has been engaging with local authorities and operators ahead of Monday’s change. New guidance setting out further details of the changes for operators and passengers will be published ahead of the change coming into force.

Face coverings are not the same as face masks. It is important that people do not use medical grade PPE masks to ensure these remain available for frontline staff. Last month, the Government set out advice for people on how to make their own face coverings easily at home, using scarves or other textile items.

To help support the country’s economic recovery the Government is also exploring new technologies to fast-track greener air travel.

£500,000 in advanced funding will continue the development of a first-of-a-kind biofuels plant in Immingham, North East Lincolnshire, which will help to decarbonise both aviation and road freight by converting hundreds of thousands of tonnes of waste into sustainable fuel each year.

And, in a ground-breaking partnership between Government and the aviation industry, a new “Jet Zero” Council will work to help make the aviation and aerospace sectors environmentally fit for the future.

Tim Alderslade, Chief Executive of Airlines UK, said:

 “It’s an excellent initiative and the Transport Secretary should be applauded for demonstrating such a willingness to work with the aviation industry to achieve our commitment to net zero emissions by 2050.

“There are huge opportunities for the UK to be a world-leader in sustainable aviation fuels production and electric aviation, creating thousands of high-skilled jobs and major export opportunities in the process. It’s a win-win for all of our regions who will stand to gain from this and for the UK’s decarbonisation efforts, and we’re looking forward to taking part.”


Covid 19 Testing information, and links to referral portals

In the fast moving situation regarding Covid 19 and  the related testing eligibility, we in the Covid 19 Testing cell wish to share the following information with you as an employer.  We also want to make you aware of the links which can be used to access either the Employers Referral Portal or the Self-Referral Portal in relation to staff being able to get access to one of the testing routes. The following links gives all information around eligibility for testing and ways of accessing a test.  This link is updated each time there is a change, so can be referred to on a frequent basis.


1   Self-Referral

For individuals to refer themselves


2   Employer Referral

Employer Referral Portal (see attached guidance document)


Employers wishing to gain access to the portal in order to refer staff should email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Coronavirus Testing Helpdesk:   0300 303 2713

For help & advice:  www.gov.uk/coronavirus-get-tested


Residents urged to cut back hedges and trees to avoid causing obstructions

East Riding residents are being reminded to trim their own private hedges and trees which overhang paths and roads to prevent them from causing an obstruction.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s streetscene enforcement team said overgrown vegetation can become a nuisance or even a danger to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers if it overhangs, obstructs or blocks visibility on the public highway.

This is a particular problem for individuals with prams and pushchairs and people in wheelchairs, who need a clear pathway of adequate width to pass.

Visibility for traffic around junctions is also especially important, so any vegetation which obscures traffic signs or blocks street lights needs to be maintained by regular trimming back.

Last year the council dealt with 280 reports of overgrown vegetation.

It is hoped that a reminder to residents will reduce this number, prevent accidents and help keep the East Riding looking tidy.

The streetscene enforcement team will first approach residents with a polite request to trim overhanging vegetation but, if no action is taken, it can serve a 14-day notice requiring the work to be carried out.

If all warnings are ignored, the council will do the work itself and recover all expenses from the resident.

The council is not able to offer this as a service to residents. The cheapest solution is for residents to cut back the greenery themselves, ask someone they know to do it or employ a gardener.

The council’s grounds and forestry teams trim vegetation on council and public land.

Councillor John Barrett, portfolio holder for operational services, said: “It’s important that paths and roads are kept clear for everyone to use without any obstructions.

“Overgrown hedges and branches can force pedestrians out into the road and can even cause injuries to people.

“So home-owners, tenants and land-owners need to be aware that the responsibility lies with them and we are encouraging them to take appropriate action if they own overgrown foliage.”


Dog owners warned over bogus microchipping websites

Dog owners updating their pet’s microchip details online are being warned to check the website they are using is genuine after a number of bogus sites have been discovered.

The bogus sites came to the attention of East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s dog warden team after they issued a notice to a dog owner informing them they were breaking the law as the details on the microchip were not up to date.

The owner informed the dog wardens they had paid around £15 to update the details via a website found online via a search engine.

Enquiries were made which showed the owner had made a £15 payment to a website claiming to update microchip details but the changes had not been made.

The information was passed to the council’s trading standards team who, after further investigation, discovered there are a number of websites in operation claiming to update microchip details, taking a fee and then failing to make the necessary changes.

The law states that all dogs must be microchipped and the information kept up to date otherwise the owner could face prosecution and all dogs must be registered on one of the Government-approved databases:

Councillor Shaun Horton, portfolio holder for community involvement at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “All dog owners have a responsibility to keep the details on their dog’s microchip up to date.

“In this case, the owner thought they had done the right thing by updating the details online but had fallen victim to a bogus website.

“So not only did they lose the £15 fee and were almost prosecuted but they are also leaving themselves vulnerable to identity fraud as they would have put all their personal details onto this website which could compromise their own security.

 “There are a number of bogus websites in operation so I would urge all dog owners to be vigilant and to make sure any sites they are using are approved by the Government.”

For more information go www.eastriding.gov.uk or www.gov.uk/get-your-dog-microchipped


Don't give thieves an easy ride!

POLICE are urging motorists to remove all valuables from their vehicles and to think about the security of their vehicles when preparing to leave them unattended.

The warning has been sparked following a number of incidents reported in the West Hull villages over the last month.

Valuable items such as satellite navigation systems (sat navs) and handbags are popular among thieves as a vehicle can be broken into in a matter of seconds and such items snatched before the broken glass has settled.

It is vital that valuables are removed, or kept well out of sight of prying eyes and cars are left secure.

Inspector Andy Woodhead said: "We are urging motorists to make sure they remove all valuable items and any clues, such as sat nav brackets and holders from their vehicles when leaving them unattended - the slightest temptation can be enough for a thief to break into your car or van.

"We are asking motorists to work with us to ensure that we don’t give thieves an easy ride.”

Police are offering the following crime prevention advice to motorists:

* Always keep your car doors, windows and sunroof locked when you leave the vehicle, even if you only leave it for a few minutes

* Never leave property of any kind on view. Items particularly attractive to car thieves are: SatNav’s, mobile phones, laptop computers, bank cards and cash

* If you have a SatNav, remember to remove suction pads, and wipe away any tell-tale marks as thieves will look out for these

* Don't leave anything in your car, particularly when it is parked overnight. Even an old coat on the back seat is a temptation for someone to ‘smash and grab’

* During the day hide items you cannot take with you in the boot

* Don’t park vehicles were they are hidden from view; where possible park in a car park with an attendant or CCTV, garage or in a well-lit open place

Anyone who may have information about the vehicle crimes are asked to contact Humberside Police on 0845 60 60 222, or alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on
0800 555 111


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