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Road improvement works in Bricknell Avenue,
Cottingham, to start next week

As part of its programme of highway maintenance works, East Riding of Yorkshire Council will be carrying out road improvement works on Bricknell Avenue in Cottingham.

The £360,000 scheme will start on Tuesday 30 August and is scheduled to take approximately nine weeks to complete.

The works have been split into three distinct phases, to minimise disruption to residents, businesses, bus services and Cottingham Croxby Primary School in the area.

All work will be carried out on week days (Monday to Friday).

The council’s contractors carrying out the work will be PBS Construction (ME Ltd North East), based in Hull.

Phase one - part one

The first phase of the scheme will take place on the south side of Bricknall Avenue (the road travelling in the direction out of Hull) from the junction with Hull Road up to the St Mary’s Avenue junction.

It will involve patching and repairs to the concrete road, the laying of a new surface on top, and the adjustment and replacement of kerbing and railings.

This work is due to be complete by Monday 26 September.

A temporary road closure is due to be in place between Friday 9 and Monday 26 September while the road repairs and surfacing is carried out, with traffic diverted via Fairfax Avenue, Cottingham Road and Hull Road.

Phase one - part two

The second part of phase one will be carried out on the secion of road next to the St Mary’s Avenue junction. It will again involve patching and repairs to the road, and the adjustment and replacement of kerbing and railings.

These works are being carried out separately to minimise disruption to traffic and buses visiting the Bricknall estate.

Traffic will be able to access the estate at all times via Hotham Road North.

From Wednesday 14 to Tuesday 20 September access to the St Mary’s Avenue junction will be for buses only.

The St Mary’s Avenue junction is due to be closed to all traffic fromWednesday 21 to Monday 26 September, with traffic diverted via Fairfax Avenue, Cottingham Road and Hull Road.

Phase two

The second phase, still on the south side of the carriageway, will continue between the St Mary’s junction and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council boundary.

Road patching and repairs, a new surface being laid on top, and the adjustment and replacement of kerbing and railings, will take place.

This work is due to take place between Tuesday 27 September and Thursday 6 October.

A temporary road closure is due to be in place between Tuesday 4 and Thursday 6 October, with traffic diverted via Fairfax Avenue, Cottingham Road and Hull Road.

Phase three

The third and final phase of the scheme is due to take place on the north of the carriageway (the road travelling in the direction towards Hull), betweenThursday 6 October and Friday 4 November.

Work will involve the resurfacing of the length of Bricknall Avenue between Hull Road and just past the junction with Strathcona Avenue, Hull, along with the adjustment and replacement of kerbing and railings.

A temporary road closure is due to be in place from Monday 17 October and Friday 4 November while surfacing work is carried out. Traffic will be diverted via Hull Road, Cottingham Road and Fairfax Avenue.

Dave Waudby, head of infrastructure and facilities at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “We apologise in advance for the disruption these remedial works will cause, but the work is necessary to bring the road surface up to standard.

 “We would also like to thank residents, businesses, motorists and bus operators for their continued patience while the work is completed.”


New orders to combat anti-social to come into force

A new order for each individual parish council will come into force later this week in a bid to reduce anti-social behaviour.

From Thursday, 1 September, East Riding of Yorkshire Council will be introducing new public space protection orders for all town and parish council areas.

These orders will include controls over the presence and behaviour of dogs as well as including restrictions on the consumption of alcohol and/or access to parts of the public highway in certain areas.

If anyone is found to be in breach of the conditions of the order, such as allowing a dog to foul and not cleaning up, the council will take the appropriate action such as issuing a fine.

The orders also give officers from Humberside Police powers to seize alcohol from anyone drinking in an area covered by an alcohol restriction.

Councillor Shaun Horton, portfolio holder for community involvement and local partnerships at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “Public and open spaces play a vital role in communities.

“But sometimes, actions of a selfish few can ruin these spaces, through public drunkenness, irresponsible dog ownership or general anti-social behaviour can mean these spaces are lost to the communities who use them.

“Putting these issues under the umbrella of public space protection orders will give council officers, and the police, a more effective way of dealing with the problems.”

For more information on the public space protection orders, or to view the orders for specific parish councils, go to http://www2.eastriding.gov.uk/living/crime-and-community-safety/anti-social-behaviour/


Don't give thieves an easy ride!

POLICE are urging motorists to remove all valuables from their vehicles and to think about the security of their vehicles when preparing to leave them unattended.

The warning has been sparked following a number of incidents reported in the West Hull villages over the last month.

Valuable items such as satellite navigation systems (sat navs) and handbags are popular among thieves as a vehicle can be broken into in a matter of seconds and such items snatched before the broken glass has settled.

It is vital that valuables are removed, or kept well out of sight of prying eyes and cars are left secure.

Inspector Andy Woodhead said: "We are urging motorists to make sure they remove all valuable items and any clues, such as sat nav brackets and holders from their vehicles when leaving them unattended - the slightest temptation can be enough for a thief to break into your car or van.

"We are asking motorists to work with us to ensure that we don’t give thieves an easy ride.”

Police are offering the following crime prevention advice to motorists:

* Always keep your car doors, windows and sunroof locked when you leave the vehicle, even if you only leave it for a few minutes

* Never leave property of any kind on view. Items particularly attractive to car thieves are: SatNav’s, mobile phones, laptop computers, bank cards and cash

* If you have a SatNav, remember to remove suction pads, and wipe away any tell-tale marks as thieves will look out for these

* Don't leave anything in your car, particularly when it is parked overnight. Even an old coat on the back seat is a temptation for someone to ‘smash and grab’

* During the day hide items you cannot take with you in the boot

* Don’t park vehicles were they are hidden from view; where possible park in a car park with an attendant or CCTV, garage or in a well-lit open place

Anyone who may have information about the vehicle crimes are asked to contact Humberside Police on 0845 60 60 222, or alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on
0800 555 111


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