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What is Reflexology? It is a simple therapy yet an ancient one that dates back nearly three thousand years. It…

By Keith Teale , in health & beauty , at March 2, 2008

What is Reflexology?

It is a simple therapy yet an ancient one that dates back nearly three thousand years. It treats the whole person by gentle massage and pressing particular pressure points on the feet, but reflexology can be used on the hands as an alternative.

The art of the therapist is to dissipate the energy blockages and give an energy boost. It may take between 6-10 sessions before you begin to see any noticeable results with chronic problems such as IBS. Anyone with chronic problems should not be expected to recover overnight, though many people say that they are able to cope because the feeling of relaxation and well being can last for several days even after the first treatment session.

Clients who are on medication should inform their GP that they are receiving Reflexology in addition to their medication. Mainly because a relaxed body functions better and
may utilise the medication more efficiently, possibly reaching a stage where their dosage may be altered by their GP. Also because you are under the care of your GP, and a reflexologist can not prescribe medication or diagnose any condition.

Does it hurt?
No reflexology should not be painful at all. However some people do experience what is known as a ‘healing crisis’ this is when you may have toxins and impurities
in your body and the treatment will stimulate your body to help eliminate them. Some people get emotional or weepy but this only lasts for a short time.

Relexology can help with a number of different problems, from headaches, sinus problems, stress, during pregnancy (but only after 12 weeks). It is also know to assist with labour pains and sometimes can reduce the number of hours in labour.

Other problems reflexology may help with are: Infertility problems, panic attacks, digestive problems, circulation problems, asthma, headaches, PMS and many more. In fact all nine of the body systems.

I have had the privilege to treat several mothers-to-be and have recently have had the honour to be a birthing partner for one of my clients – giving reflexology as often as possible during her labour which was only six hours and produced a 9lb 10 1/2 baby boy. She had a totally natural birth and no pain relief. What an experience it was and one I will treasure all my life. A huge thankyou to my client and her partner.