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Noni Juice

Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) is an evergreen, fruit-bearing tree originally from Asia that has spread throughout the world in almost all…

By Keith Teale , in health & beauty , at November 20, 2007

Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) is an
evergreen, fruit-bearing tree originally from Asia
that has spread throughout the world in almost all tropical and sub-tropical

The Morinda Citrifolia is an evergreen
shrub or small tree, with shiny, dark green leaves, that bears a multitude of
small white flowers. The flower heads grow into small bumpy fruits, which turn
from green to yellow and then to white as they ripen and ultimately fall from
the branch. Medicinal properties are believed to reside in the leaves, roots,
and especially the distinctive fruits.

contains naturally occurring minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins,
phytonutrients and bioflavonoids.

Noni Fruits
Noni was traditionally used to cleanse and purify, as a remedy against illness,
as a well-being tonic, to aid digestion, to heal abrasions, to reduce swelling
and inflamed joints and reduce pain.

modern times, Noni is being reported as contributing to miraculous life –
changing health improvements with many ailments.

Nutrients in Noni

More than 150 nutraceuticals have been identified in the Noni fruit from Tahiti. Scientists have shown that this amazing plant can
help support the immune system and assist hormones that co-ordinate bodily
function and help cells absorb nutrients.

of these nutraceuticals include anthraquinones, beta-carotene, calcium,
linoleic acid, magnesium, pectin, potassium, proline, protein, proxeronine,
proxeroninease, scopoletin, beta-sitosterols, sterols, phenylalanine &
tyrosine, ursolic acid, all the B vitamins & antioxidants like vitamin C,
proanthocyanadins & anthocyanadins.


How Does Noni Work & Why It Can Be Good For So Many

bodies work by biochemical reactions. Examples include growing hair, digesting
food, healing injuries, fighting infections, walking, thinking, feeling etc.

There are certain processes in our body that are primary & supportive of
the entire body. Any change in these primary processes can cause dramatic
changes throughout our whole body & other aspects of our life.

Two of the main primary processes include the processes of synthesis and of
communication. Synthesis includes all the things that our bodies make, for
example, proteins, connective tissues, new cells, hormones, DNA etc.
Communication refers to the flow of chemically controlled information among the
cells, for proper co-ordinated growth of the human body as a whole.

Globular proteins are the workhorses for both synthesis (enzymes) &
communication (cell wall receptors) processes. Globular proteins are long strands
of amino acids connected like beads on a string. Big & wobbly, they spend
only a very short time in the precise shape that does most of their intended

Noni is believed to work at a cellular level and has been recognized
as a vital healing plant in French Polynesia
for thousands of years. It has been used for High Blood Pressure, Weight Loss,
Stress, Arthritis, Diabetes, Pain Relief, Skin Disorders, Chest Disorders such
as Asthma and much more.

In the West, Noni has been reported as helping a diverse range of
ailments including Autism and personality disorders such as ADHD.

Noni flourishes in the rich volcanic soil of the Tahitian Islands and thus the Fruit is very high in the minerals and nutrients it is supposed to contain. 

the moment, it is not clear how Noni works in countering cancerous changes in
the body, although there are indications that it does so by activating the
immune system in certain ways, especially in the very first stages of cancer
development. The University
of Hawaii
is conducting
an NIH funded phase I study of Noni in cancer patients to see if the animal
findings have any relevance to Humans.

Tahitian Noni Juice is a Top Quality Organic Certified Juice that is produced with the absolute minimal of processin order to maintain maximum potency! 


The recommended intake for an adult is two tablespoons (approx 30ml) on an
empty stomach, preferably in the morning or as directed by your Health-care


Available from:
Health Matters
1A Main Street,
Telephone: 01482 651706


7A The Square, Hessle
Telephone: 01482 641781


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