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What Yoga can do for me?

Improve Posture Awareness of posture and self correcting. Breathe easier. Less room for injury and undue wear and tear on…

By Keith Teale , in health & beauty , at October 7, 2007

  • Improve Posture
    Awareness of posture and self correcting.
    Breathe easier.
    Less room for injury and undue wear and tear on joints and muscles.

  • Improve Circulation

    Promoting better circulation of the blood and lymphatic system.
    No stagnant areas, this allows fresh blood, filled with nutrients to move to the areas its needed.
    Waking up internal organs, so they function properly.
    Elimination. Releasing of toxins.
  • Renewed Energy
    Waking up the spine, keeping it supple and healthy.
    Nourishing the nervous system.
    Unblocking tensions so unblocking energy.
    Rejuvenating and cleansing every cell in the body, stimulating mental clarity.

  • Stress Reducing

    Stress management utilizing awareness, centring and breathing techniques and through movement, deep relaxation and meditation.
    Also used for healing in conjunction with other therapies.
    Helping restore control over your lives and enhances your quality of life.

  • Aids Relaxation

    Through breathing techniques called Pranayama we can strengthen and calm our Respiratory and Nervous system, allowing life force and nutrients to reach every cell in the body.
    Conscious Relaxation techniques will take you into a deep state of Relaxation.
    Positive effect on the Nervous system allowing the Relaxation response to kick in.
    Endocrine system relaxes promoting physical well-being.

  • Inner Fulfilment

    Yoga helps develop positive Self-esteem, body image.
    Creating physical, mental and emotional confidence and stability.

  • Emotional Balance

    Yoga can be a very powerful accelerator to personal healing and growth as the mind, body and spirit are jointly united and explored.
    Yoga is one of the oldest holistic health-care systems in the world.
    Yoga is an ancient art and science from India, designed thousands of years ago. Originally designed to strengthen and align the body and quieten and focus the mind for meditation. It is a discipline which makes you work for your health and maintain it.
    Over the years it has been sucessfully adapted to the needs and lifestyles of westerners.
    All our experiences of the world greatly depend on the health of our nervous system, which is influenced by our environment, hereditary and also the foods we eat.
    So practicing yoga will strenghten and purify our nervous systems so we can clearly percieve and interact in the world in a conscious and positive manner.
    Yoga is also a powerful system of healing, for example, relief can be felt from rheumatism and arthritis, back problems, menstrual disorders, migraine, circulatory and digestive disorders, raised energy levels is also a boon to some, whilst others will find the relaxation a great release.
    All these benefits create physical and mental well-being and you can start yoga at any age from only a few months old or whether you are in your eighties.
    Many classes are arranged around, abilty or age so the class can be structured to the needs of the individual.