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Alpha Probus Club

Holderness Alpha Probus Club In view of the on-going Covid-19 situation the Committee has decided to cancel all meetings until…

By Keith Teale , in About Cottingham , at July 12, 2012

Holderness Alpha Probus Club

In view of the on-going Covid-19 situation the Committee has decided to cancel all meetings until at least the new year. Information regarding the AGM in January will be circulated in due course. For any further information please contact the Secretary – telephone 01482 348270 or email [email protected]


What is PROBUS ?
The name is an acronym for  PRO(fessional)and BUS(iness) hence PROBUS

These clubs are an organisation for  retired men and women who want to and are able to remain active and also want to maintain a social network with others of similar interests.

Today there are over 4000 clubs worldwide.

Since 1966 Rotary Clubs have formed PROBUS Clubs throughout Great Britain, Ausralia and New Zealand.
Clubs also exist in the USA, Belgium, India, South Africa and Asia.

PROBUS clubs are not service organisations and are non political and non-sectarian although many members are often active in community organisations and charitable works.

Clubs provide social events and invite speakers from all walks of life to keep members up to date with both local and national issues

Outings and visits are arranged. Some have special interest groups such a golf or bowling.
Some clubs meet monthly and others fortnightly, some just have coffee mornings with a speaker or a social event, while others meet at a regular venue for lunch with a speaker.
The format is decided by the members.

So what does this Club do
This PROBUS club was formed in 1969 and meets every second Thursday at the BACK ROOM

We alternate these Thursday meetings, one being a coffee morning at   which a ten minute talk is given (TMT) and the other alternate meeting is a luncheon with a speaker who gives a 30 minute talk on their specialist subject.

We pay an annual subscription of £20,and take a voluntary collection at each meeting ,the proceeds of which goes annually to our designated charity.

Our Ladies are invited to “Spring” and Christmas luncheons usually held at venues other than the BACK ROOM 
We have days out during the summer.

If you would like to consider joining us you can come along to one of our meetings and meet the members before joining. All you need to do is ring the Secretary on 01964 624238 prior to the meeting you would like to attend. 

Lunches are followed by a talk from a local speaker. The Club welcomes both male and female members. If you are retired and would like to meet new friends please contact the Club Chairman on 01964 624238 for more information.